3 Things I Think About When I Purge My Belongings

3 Things I Think About When I Purge My Belongings

Even though I am not on social media, I haven’t missed the craze that is Marie Kondo. I haven’t read too much into it, but my understanding is the basis of her philosophy is to only hold on to the things that bring you joy.

Not bad advice! Whether it’s physical possessions, the people you keep company with or the extra curricular activities you undertake.

I have had a bit of spring fever lately (some of you may have benefited from that recently, picking up some of the great books that I purged from my shelves!). I have been wending my way through my home, cleaning out one drawer or closet or cupboard a day.

I find this process very refreshing and, like Marie Kondo, I love to lighten up my physical and energetic space. Admittedly, I have never grown particularly attached to objects, nor been particularly sentimental about physical things, so this process of sorting my belongings into ‘keep’, ‘give away’, and ‘toss out’ comes easily to me. But, I know that’s not the case for many people! Letting go of objects can be very emotional.

My penchant for purging may have something to do with the amount I’ve moved in my life (12 houses and a couple of countries in my 32 years). The less stuff you have, the easier it is to move! After 6 years living in Australia, I could fit all my possessions in the 2 suitcases I flew home with. Not bad!

When was the last time you gave your belongings a good once-over? Our physical space dramatically influences how we feel energetically. The more stuff that fills up our physical space, the more we crowd our energetic space. If you find yourself feeling low energy, ‘heavy’, bogged down or uninspired, I highly recommend giving your living or work space a good refresh!

Some things to think about when you start to purge your belongings:

  1. If you haven’t used it or worn it in the last 12 months, what purpose is it serving and what are you hanging on for?
  2. Feel great about donating the stuff you don’t use – if your things are in good condition, the people who need them are going to be super stoked to pick them up for cheap or free.
  3. Remind yourself what really matters – is it the stuff around you or the people in your life and the experiences you have? My guess is, most will say the latter.

Need more help to get your de-cluttering going? Check out Marie Kondo’s method which seems to be popular these days! Or, hit up google – there’re lots of tips out there.

Does spring fever hit you with the cleaning bug? Do you find it easy to let stuff go, or is it a challenging process for you? What are your strategies for working through it? Let me know!

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