5 Ways to Be More Mindful Everyday

5 Ways to Be More Mindful Everyday
  1. Wake mindfully

My guiding principle is that I try to spend the first 30-90 minutes of my day undertaking activities that invite in the grounded, present energy I want to carry into the rest of my day.

During those first hours I might:

  • Have tea with my partner
  • Sit quietly
  • Walk with my Dad or visit my parents at their home
  • Drink water and eat a nourishing breakfast
  • Tidy up the house
  • Write or read
  • Stretch

I try to avoid starting my day by:

  • Checking my email
  • Working
  • Reading the news

Take some time to think about the energy you want to carry into your day and how you might mindfully shift your morning routine to cultivate that energy.

2. Hug like you mean it

The things we do repeatedly can sometimes become things we do more out of habit than intention. An example of this is the good bye’s you give your loved ones, especially the ones that live with you. What should be a moment of connection with them as you or they head out the door, can become a hollow action taken out of habit.

My partner usually leaves work before I do in the morning’s. When he’s on his way out the door, I make a point of stopping what I am doing and giving him my wholehearted attention in those moments that we embrace and say good bye to one another.

The next time you say good bye to a loved one, bring your full attention to that moment – maybe you make more eye contact, listen more intently, hold on in your hug for a little longer – see how it feels.

3. Take your time

Ever spill a drink on yourself, drop something, bang your elbow, trip (on not much of anything), leave the stove on, forget your tea in the microwave, hit ‘send’ on an email addressed to the wrong person or anything of the like?

How about talk on the phone, make breakfast, answer email and help your kid with their homework, all at once (or something similar)?

Instead of rushing or multi-tasking all the time, try slowing down. Take your time with a task (and one task at a time).

4. Move intuitively

Our bodies are so integral to us participating in the experiences of our life, and yet we can spend so much time out of tune with our body or unconscious of it.

The daily movement we do make is often very purpose driven – we are walking to the kitchen to a get a cup of coffee, or running after a soccer ball, or bending down to pick up a sock or reaching up to pull down a bowl.

Very rarely do we pause and allow the body to move in intuitive ways that serve no purpose other than to feel good.

So, try it. Stand up or lay down. Move in little ways or big ways – in any way – that feels good for you.

5. Put away your electronics

It’s no secret that electronics very often distract us from our lives. Put down your phone, shut down your laptop, turn off the t.v. – even if it’s just for 30 minutes per day – and do one thing, electronics-free, with your full attention.

How do you bring more mindfulness into everyday? Let me know!

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    lauri dunk

    all great ideas georgia…i try and do all of above but i appreciate these reminders when i notice i am lacking in present moment awareness and being mindful in general,
    thanks for this
    P.S. My daughter and i are off to bali next w/e !!!!! not excited at all 🙁 any tips or advice ???

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