Nourish: Self-Care Circle


Self-Care Circle

Supporting busy women to prioritize and tend to their well-being

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You know what a full life feels like, right?

Tending to the responsibilities and needs of your job, kids, partner, friends, causes and home. There is much to be grateful for – but, let’s be honest – sometimes keeping on top of it all becomes a little overwhelming and you forget to set aside time for yourself!

That’s why I’ve created this offering with you in mind.

Nourish is here to provide you with a circle of support so that self-care becomes a consistent part of your life, because when you’re nourished it benefits not just you, but everyone around you, too.

Nourish Self Care Circle by Georgia Cyr


How does it work?

How does it work?

Is this program for me?

Nourish Self Care Circle by Georgia Cyr

How does it work?

As a member of Nourish, each month you will receive one email from me which will include:

  • A specific focus/strategy to help you claim time for your self-care
  • A 15 minute yoga practice & 10 minute guided meditation to add to your self-care toolbox
  • A question to inspire self-reflection
  • Guidance around setting your sacred space
  • Simple monthly rituals that weave in moon and nature wisdom to bring more magic into your moments.

In addition to the above, you will also have access to a private Facebook group where you can connect with the other women in the program, ask questions, find an accountability buddy, share inspiration and receive support.

All of the practices I share will support you to connect to, harness and balance your energy, as well as care for you physically and mentally.

Sound good to you?

Let’s get started

Who is Nourish for?

Why is Nourish

Right for me?

Nourish is for women who:

  • Need support in claiming time for themselves
  • Would appreciate gentle, but persistent reminders to stay committed to self-care
  • Are interested in making yoga and meditation a consistent part of their lives
  • Are interested in cultivating more magic in their lives by connecting to the chakras, ritual, the moon and more of nature’s cycles
  • Value connecting and cultivating community with other women
  • Would like to receive all of this in an approachable and flexible way that will fit into their busy schedule


I know from my own experience that the most profound shifts in how we feel come from making small changes, consistently. I also understand deeply how challenging it can be to say yes to self-care. But, here’s the truth: when you feel nourished, you have the capacity to handle whatever life throws at you with grace and ease, you have more energy to put behind all of your endeavours, and a greater ability to be patient, kind and present with those around you.

Each month you will receive a gentle nudge to remind you to take time for your own nourishment – plus, all of the tools you need to put that into action – so that at the end of the year, self-care (and feeling fulfilled, nourished and at ease) becomes as routine as brushing your teeth or hugging your kids.

Your monthly time commitment will be completely up to you. The monthly audio and video materials will total 25 minutes, which you may choose to utilize as a daily or weekly self-care practice. You could also choose to spread the practices out, enjoying 15 minutes of yoga one day, 10 minutes of meditation another day. It is designed to be flexible so you can structure it in a way that serves you – rather than adding to your plate, the tools I offer will make everything else on your plate feel more manageable.

Nourish Self Care Circle by Georgia Cyr


Nourish Self Care Circle by Georgia Cyr


Registration for the Nourish: Self-Care Circle is currently closed. Click the ‘Say yes to self-care’ button below to receive a free trial and be the first to know when registration re-opens.


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