Real women share their self-care trials & triumphs.

Real women share their self-care trials & triumphs.

Please enjoy this collection of self-care reflections from 9 women that I admire. The honesty, vulnerability and wisdom shared has lit up my face with smiles, swelled up my heart and also brought a few tears.

What made me so emotional is the recognition that while we are all walking our own, unique paths there is also so much we have in common. As you read through this e-book I have no doubt that there will be much that you relate to.

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Click above to have a read! I created this e-book to inspire you, spark your own reflections and remind you that you are not alone!

If what you read inspires you, touches you or makes you stop and reflect, please feel free to share far and wide with the women in your life!

Many thanks to Chelsey Allen (Seafoam Juice), Carly Daley (Modern Hippie Housewife), Jan Jensen (Jan Jensen TLC), Kim Kingston (Hooray Truffles), Lindyn Williams (LW Wholehearted Photography), Marlene Lowden (Catalyst for Creativity), Sophie Beaudoin (Accidental Artisan), Tanis Frame (Decide to Thrive) and Tracy Gray (Coaching from the Core) for sharing their honest reflections of how they navigate nourishing themselves while running a business, raising a family, or both.

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To your continued nourishment!


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