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Guiding you to be your most energetic, kind, joyful and present self

Root to Rise is for women who are ready to transform their relationship with themselves, others and the broader community and environment around them.

Everything in nature grounds down, connecting to the Earth, before it rises up or expands outwards.

Through yoga, meditation and other research-based tools, this program is your opportunity to set deep roots and cultivate a solid foundation of practices that will support you to open your heart, expand your awareness and rise to your full potential.

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Root to rise will guide you:

From here:

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at ease.

You will:


your body through yoga


your mind through meditation


simple, research-based tools that will nurture your relationship with yourself, your loved ones, and the broader community & environment around you


more awareness, patience, joy and kindness in daily life

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Georgia Cyr Root to Rise Program in Sunshine Coast BC

Georgia Cyr Root to Rise Program in Sunshine Coast BC

Root to Rise is for anyone who wants to transform how they feel in the world.

This program is about adopting a lifestyle that supports your well-being.

You will examine:

  • Your relationship with yourself and others
  • Your perception of the world around you
  • Your relationship with the natural environment
  • Your routines and the impacts the natural cycles around you have
  • Your self-expression

The weekly themes are:

  • Week 1: bed time rituals & morning routines
  • Week 2: mindfulness
  • Week 3: gratitude
  • Week 4: radiance & ritual
  • Week 5: nature’s cycles
  • Week 6: the organized yogi
  • Week 7: nature appreciation
  • Week 8: creativity
  • Week 9: conversations with your body
  • Week 10: random acts of kindness
  • Week 11: going green
  • Week 12: unplugging
Who is Root to Rise for?

Who is

Root to Rise for?

Is this journey for you?

Here’s who will love this program:

  • Women who appreciate the value of regular self-care and are ready to deepen their practices
  • Women interested in learning the science behind simple, yet effective, tools to transform how they interact with the world around them and are ready to implement those tools in their life
  • Those who are ready to become their most energetic, kind, joyful and present selves
  • Women who want to achieve all of this in a way that is flexible and can be adapted to their timeline – this program is designed to fit to your schedule and can be undertaken at the pace and time that feels right, and from wherever you may be as long as you have access to the internet. While the material will roll out over the course of 3 months, you will have lifetime access to all of it.

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Georgia Cyr Root to Rise Program in Sunshine Coast BC

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Georgia Cyr Root to Rise Program in Sunshine Coast BC

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Georgia Cyr Root to Rise Program in Sunshine Coast BC

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You've got questions...

I've got answers


I’m a beginner – is this for me?

The Root to Rise yoga practices are suitable for all levels of experience. Precise instruction is provided to guide you through. The weekly themes and guided meditations are all very beginner-friendly. This program is for you if you are ready to cultivate more wellness, presence and joy in your life.

I’m busy- how many hours will I need to invest every week?

The beauty of this program is that, while the materials will roll out over the course of 3 months, you will have lifetime access to them. So, it can all be undertaken at a pace and time that works for your life. For your benefit, I encourage you to utilize the 45 minute yoga practices at least twice/week and the 15 minute meditation practices at least 4 times/week – but, these are just guidelines. The weekly e guide will take approximately 10 minutes to read through. The accompanying playsheet will take 30 minutes, on average. The thing to remember is that this is an investment in your wellbeing.  And, when you invest in your wellbeing, the positive effects of that ripple out and affect all other aspects of your life. So – what could be more worthy of your time?

What’s the refund policy?

Due to the instant access and digital nature of this program, there will be no refunds.